Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Swimming with George Carlin

When I was ten years old we moved to a small lake in Southwestern New Hampshire. I basically grew up in the lake during the summer and on it in the winter.

So that makes this news seem both weird and oddly special to me.

George Carlin is forever swimming in my lake.

Also, I forgot to mention that we found the Brady Bunch house.


Melanie said...

Somehow, that gate makes me feel a part of my childhood is dead. Even though I hated Brady Bunch back then.

Or maybe they've chained cousin Oliver in the basement and don't want him getting far. It's a tossup.

Kurt Rambus said...

I've knee boarded in Spofford Lake, I now want to go back and do it again and get a little ash on me.

Writergrrl said...

First, George Carlin and now Bernie Mac. Why is God taking all the funny people???

Next time you're in Beantown, let me know so we can hang out.