Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Swimming with George Carlin

When I was ten years old we moved to a small lake in Southwestern New Hampshire. I basically grew up in the lake during the summer and on it in the winter.

So that makes this news seem both weird and oddly special to me.

George Carlin is forever swimming in my lake.

Also, I forgot to mention that we found the Brady Bunch house.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's not a blog until you neglect it

Hey everybody...and by "everybody" I mean "Mom"

The rise of Facebook in our lives has directly contributed to the fall of the blog. And from what I've learned, everybody who starts a blog neglects that blog at some point. So that is what we just did.

Here is a really quick update:

First, as I wrote the above sentence we experienced our first EARTHQUAKE! The news liked to call it a "major seismic event." It reminded me of when the snowplow would drive by in the winter as I sat in my home in New Hampshire watching television. Just a rumble. It lasted like 5 seconds. Fun!

Anyway, we've been writing a lot. Plays, screenplays, tv specs & pilots. You name it. I even wrote a haiku:

Earthquake shook my ass
Holy shit that isn't fun
Boston never quaked

We went to visit Joshua Tree National Park. That place is pretty cool.

We had a chance to make it back to Boston, see some friends, family and the Red Sox

And even Bootsie and Houdini are getting along. Sort of

In addition to all of our writing, we are both working. Jami is still teaching and teaching and teaching and I just got hired full time to do marketing and development at a performing arts center in Pasadena. So no more smorgasbord of jobs. I'm down to one place of employment. And I'm happy about that.

Gas rose to $4.75/gallon at our favorite neighborhood gas spot "Magic Gas." Which makes my post below about $3.99/gallon seem quaint.

Super-exciting celebrity sighting update:
Daniel Baldwin, the guy from the reality show "Pick Up Artist" one of the actors from CSI and Snoop Dogg were all at LAX. They weren't together.
We see Ed Helms so much he thinks we're stalking him.
Wilmer Valderrama looked lonely and uncomfortable at our favorite Silverlake coffee shop. And Tony Hale from Arrested Development looked tall at that same coffee shop.

I have a feeling our friend Michelle will say "I still don't know any of these people."

Anyway, as far as our writing "career"is concerned we've had a meeting with a manager, and have another scheduled soon. We working it, making contacts and doing what we need to do to make things happen. We're movers and hoping to graduate to shakers soon. We're applying for the Disney/ABC fellowship again so be prepared to join us for that drama again at the end of the year.