Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Losing may be winning after all

So Jami may be right. We may have still "won"...depending on your interpretation of the word.

We met with the peeps at Disney/ABC yesterday. They are amazing people. We came away feeling great about our burgeoning career. They gave us all kinds of career advice. They gave us contact names and numbers of agents and managers who they think are good matches for us. We can even use them as a reference. We actually get to say "Hello, the Vice President for Talent Development at Disney/ABC said to give you a call." They are my favorite people on the planet.

We are now set up well to secure representation which is step one in securing writing work. What a crazy business this is. I can't wait to find out what we don't know. Because we know we don't know plenty.

More to come....we're sure.

Here is a small glimpse inside the world of The Mouse. Yes. They have wi-fi.

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Hollie Nell said...

Hey Jamie,

Hollie from your UCLA class. That's awesome news. Its great that even though you guys didn't get the fellowship (robbed, I say) some good stuff is still coming out of it. Can't wait to see you working on the big or little screen. Congrats again!