Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A picture saves a thousand dollars

Many of you who know me have seen my wonderful driver's license pictures.
You understand my tendency to take a ridiculous picture.

Jami has teased me about this for years. But it has finally paid off. IN YOUR FACE WIFE!

Sunday night, while driving down Sunset Blvd I just so happened to drive through two yellow lights in a row.
When I was a teenager we used to punch the ceiling of the car and yell "Padiddle!" whenever we'd drive through a yellow. I don't do that anymore. And as a result, a cop pulled me over.

He said from his perspective I drove through two red lights. I'm sure if I had yelled Padiddle! while going through them it would have let him know for certain they were yellow. But I didn't. So I guess I broke the law. Twice. Whatever.

When the officer approached the car he said "What the fvck were you thinking?" I tried to explain. He didn't care. I never mentioned Padiddle! I didn't think it would help. He asked for my license and registration. What happened next caught me a bit by surprise. The officer looked at my driver's license, looked back at me and said "Somebody who takes a goofy picture like that deserves a second chance." I was just about ready to grab his nightstick and beat myself with it. Instead I thanked him profusely.

When we continued driving home Jami said "We need to be more careful. We can't afford any tickets."

I said "Wait, first you've got to give me some credit for my picture."

She said "No I don't."

And that was that.

Exhibit MA

Exhibit CA

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Mortified, in print

Most of you are aware of this. For those who are not, the Mortified book was released today.
The book looks like this:

What is Mortified? It started off as a show with regular everyday folk reading their embarrassing teenage scrawlings. The stage show was turned into a book last year and that book has been followed up with another titled "Mortified 2: Love is a Battlefield."

I've been performing in the Boston show for a while and recently got up on stage in the LA show. It's been a blast and now my horrible poems have been published in the new book.

It's pretty much the most embarrassingly funny collection of teen angst in the universe.

I don't know why, but I'm plugging the book.  I don't get royalties or anything like that.  I suppose I enjoy being embarrassed.  So go check out the book and have a laugh at my (and many other's) expense.

You can buy the book at all the various online retailers like Amazon.

Highlights include the poems "Happy Like a Clown" and "Jackpot!"

If you're interested in seeing a show and you live in Boston, LA, SF, Austin, Chicago, NY, DC or Malmo Sweden, go to GetMortified.com.

Post a comment if you've seen the book.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Malibu Puppy

So we've lived in Southern California for nearly 5 months and have yet to go to the beach. What better time to visit the beach than the end of December?

It was Jami's birthday and we are broke so it was the best way (read "cheapest") way to do something fun. And Houdini had never walked in the sand or drank salt water before, so why not?

Suffice to say, she had a good time.

So did Jami.

I had a pretty good time as well.

It's pretty weird spending a nice day at the beach when there is record snow falling back home. And it is weird to still be calling Boston home when we've lived here for months. I supposed that may never change.

I was the only one brave enough to take my shoes off and step into the water. So Jami was left on camera duty.

Speaking of never changing, the WGA is still on strike. Who knows how much longer that will last. So we will wait to find out if the life & career changing fellowship is ours.

One last picture. It looks like Houdini truly is a magician holding a tennis ball in mid air in front of her nose.