Thursday, November 29, 2007

Only in LA

I drove to work this morning at about 9:30. In any normal city that would mean no traffic because rush hour has passed and normal people are at their normal jobs being normal. Not in LA.

As everybody in the world knows, LA traffic is ridiculous. It's comical with traffic jams at 1am on a Tuesday for no apparent reason.

But you always wonder why. When you finally get through the traffic rarely is light shed on why. Every once in a while you will be fortunate enough to see the remnants of a car accident. I don't mean that car accidents are great to see, but it's just good to know there's a legit reason why your ass is stuck on the freeway for an hour when you're only travelling 5 miles.

Today I discovered a new "why" and I feel like I should have seen it coming.

Like I said, it was 9:30am. I was travelling north on the 5 (Route 5 for you peeps back east) and it was bumper to bumper. Not because of rush hour. I wasn't even headed towards the city (as if that matters.) I sit there for about 15 minutes, inching forward when I see some commotion on an overpass. There's a cop car and a group of people. My eyes suck so I can't tell from a distance what the hell is going on. I make the mistake of using logic and deduce there must have been an accident that caused something to fall to the highway below. I get closer and closer and eventually I see that the crowd on the overpass is a crew and they are filming something. Probably something lame. But that is all that was going on. Just when I think they had nothing to do with the traffic, I start to pick up speed. The traffic starts moving. There's no more traffic.

Why was there traffic this morning? Because rubbernecking in LA means looking to see if there is a celebrity on that overpass filming a scene. That was it. No accident. No merging. No bottleneck. Just some stupid film shoot on some stupid overpass with a bunch of stupid drivers trying to watch with their stupid faces.

In case you're wondering I couldn't spot any celebrities. I tried. I even slowed down as much as I could to see. But no luck.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Super-exciting celeb-sighting update*

As previously mentioned we saw Diane Keaton at the Georgia O'Keefe museum

In addition:

We saw Mena Suvari at a Mexican restaraunt in Silver Lake. Her head was shaved and she left a good tip from what we could tell. Our friend Sara thinks the lead singer from Maroon 5 was with her. But I have no idea what that dude looks like.

Jonathan Silverman walking in front of the UCB theater

Mark Boone Junior at the coffee shop in our neighborhood

Ray Liotta. We drove by a bus in which he was filming a scene of something. He had that intense "Ray Liotta" look in his eyes.

Laura Prepon at a coffee shop in Los Feliz. I think Jami saw her like 4 times.

Steven W. Bailey from My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance and according to IMDB he plays a recurring character on Grey's Anatomy. He was surprisingly obnoxious.

And the best for last, Michael Gross.

There are plenty others probably. We just don't recognize half the people we see.

*We aren't star-fvckers. Seriously. We just like to share.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Brandli and Polak: They look good together

Look at us in Santa Fe, New Mexico!

So here we are, over three months into our lives in Los Angeles and we are just now starting the blog designed to keep people abreast of our goings on here. And holy shit there have been a lot of goings.

I think part of the problem we've had with kicking this thing off is figuring out where to start. We had an eventful trip driving west with the dog (with plenty of interesting videos to go along) and we have had, to put it lightly, an interesting time since our arrival.

I'm sure Jami will add her 2 cents soon so I'll just give you what I remember as the interesting tidbits:

1. As we drove I learned that basically every inch of the United States looks the same until you get to Ooooooooooooklahoma
2. Little Rock seems to be much more interesting than I expected. But we only spent one hour there. It was about 600 degrees and Houdini was in the car so we parked it in a covered garage and literally ran to the Clinton Library, then ran through the library. This picture is our proof we were there.

3. The drive was basically LAME until Santa Fe. That is a pretty cool town. We may retire there.
4. As we drove, we wondered who would be our first celebrity sighting when we arrived in LA. The funny part was when our first sighting happened in Santa Fe. Diane Keaton was very nice, extremely small, and quite obnoxious. We saw her at the Georgia O’Keeffe museum.
5. LA was hot for basically 30 days.
6. Finding an apartment was a nightmare because we have 15 million pets.
7. Houdini loves it here.
8. Houdini loves it anywhere.
9. We go into two car accidents in two weeks when we arrived. One of them sent us to the hospital. No real injuries. But we did get to enjoy 6+ hours at Glendale Memorial Hospital. Fun, fun.
10. This guy rear-ended us when we were stopped at a cross walk and waiting for pedestrians to cross. Jami and I got out of the car in shock and in pain while the guy yelled at us for being stopped. Jami wisely kept me from committing homicide.
11. We live in Echo Park. It's up and coming. Meaning it has a Starbucks AND a check-cashing place. We love it. There's a huge park ride behind our house and Dodger stadium is within walking distance.
12. We both found jobs. Jami at Whole Foods and me at a theater in Pasadena....and a second job at a small marketing firm in Burbank. That isn't meant to look like I'm working twice as much as Jami. She puts in way more hours than I.
13. As I write this Jami and I are finalists for the Disney/ABC TV Writing Fellowship. We found out a few days ago and have been on cloud 9 since. If we get this you will all hear us screaming and disco dancing.
14. Did you know there's a writer's strike? We have no idea how that will effect the fellowship if we are so fortunate as to be two of the ten chosen.
15. Holy shit we are finalists for the fellowship!!! We have only been in this town a few months and have already made it that far. Holy shit holy shit holy shit.
16. Our friends were a huge help to us when we got here. Sara and Dan Ring housed us for a month and provided daily moral support. Karen Mae Black babysat Houdini and forwarded job leads on a daily basis. And Stephanie Walker drove us all over the friggin city helping us find apartments. Yeah friends!!!
17. Speaking of friends, if you are our friends we suggest you move here. We prefer you here to wherever you are right now
18. I ran out of things to say. There is so much more. maybe Jami will chime in now.

I would do what real bloggers do and make all those fancy links and shit like that but I really can't figure it out right now. You're lucky I got a picture in there.

Coming soon: more pictures and videos of Houdini looking hilarious.

Have back seat, will nap...