Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Swimming with George Carlin

When I was ten years old we moved to a small lake in Southwestern New Hampshire. I basically grew up in the lake during the summer and on it in the winter.

So that makes this news seem both weird and oddly special to me.

George Carlin is forever swimming in my lake.

Also, I forgot to mention that we found the Brady Bunch house.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's not a blog until you neglect it

Hey everybody...and by "everybody" I mean "Mom"

The rise of Facebook in our lives has directly contributed to the fall of the blog. And from what I've learned, everybody who starts a blog neglects that blog at some point. So that is what we just did.

Here is a really quick update:

First, as I wrote the above sentence we experienced our first EARTHQUAKE! The news liked to call it a "major seismic event." It reminded me of when the snowplow would drive by in the winter as I sat in my home in New Hampshire watching television. Just a rumble. It lasted like 5 seconds. Fun!

Anyway, we've been writing a lot. Plays, screenplays, tv specs & pilots. You name it. I even wrote a haiku:

Earthquake shook my ass
Holy shit that isn't fun
Boston never quaked

We went to visit Joshua Tree National Park. That place is pretty cool.

We had a chance to make it back to Boston, see some friends, family and the Red Sox

And even Bootsie and Houdini are getting along. Sort of

In addition to all of our writing, we are both working. Jami is still teaching and teaching and teaching and I just got hired full time to do marketing and development at a performing arts center in Pasadena. So no more smorgasbord of jobs. I'm down to one place of employment. And I'm happy about that.

Gas rose to $4.75/gallon at our favorite neighborhood gas spot "Magic Gas." Which makes my post below about $3.99/gallon seem quaint.

Super-exciting celebrity sighting update:
Daniel Baldwin, the guy from the reality show "Pick Up Artist" one of the actors from CSI and Snoop Dogg were all at LAX. They weren't together.
We see Ed Helms so much he thinks we're stalking him.
Wilmer Valderrama looked lonely and uncomfortable at our favorite Silverlake coffee shop. And Tony Hale from Arrested Development looked tall at that same coffee shop.

I have a feeling our friend Michelle will say "I still don't know any of these people."

Anyway, as far as our writing "career"is concerned we've had a meeting with a manager, and have another scheduled soon. We working it, making contacts and doing what we need to do to make things happen. We're movers and hoping to graduate to shakers soon. We're applying for the Disney/ABC fellowship again so be prepared to join us for that drama again at the end of the year.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I just paid $3.98 for a gallon of gas. Actually, I paid $7.96 because I bought two gallons.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Many Jobs of Brian

Last year when we decided to leave Boston and move to Los Angeles the concept of leaving the corporate 9 to 5ish world and stringing together a couple random jobs to pay the bills was interesting to me. And interesting it has been, albeit not altogether lucrative.

My one steady job has been a microcosm of my LA employment: I answer phones, write copy for newsletters and press releases, pick up lunch, update websites, assemble furniture, produce events and perform about a million other random tasks all at a small marketing firm in Burbank.

Here's a list of the other jobs I've had in the past 8 months:

- Worked as a PA for one day at the Comedy Central Theatre.

- Collected surveys at an art gallery event.

- Performed random functions at a theater in Pasadena including house managing, company managing and from time to time managing other events. Call me Manager-for-hire.

- I worked for a day (and may work again in the future) as a "plant" in something called "The Go Game."

- Tonight I'm "working" for Adept Consumer Testing. They pay me to give my opinion. And I've been giving my opinion for free all these years like a sucker.

- My greatest find, though, came a couple weeks ago. I worked as a writers assistant for The Kids in the Hall. They were preparing for a tour and needed to brush up on some old sketches and rehearse some new pieces. That to some people may not mean much. But it really was one of the most amazing experiences I've had in my adult life. Just ask Jami. She's sick of hearing me talk about it and will probably get annoyed that she has to read about it on this blog.

I didn't have to do much for the job. Just take notes in their script as they rehearsed and print new copies when necessary. The hardest part of the job was keeping my mouth shut. It's hard not jumping in when five comedians are cracking jokes right in front of you, or offering an opinion on how to block a scene. I wasn't there for jokes or opinions. And who they hell do I think I am anyway? They're the KITH. And I'm me...some dude who works odd jobs to make ends meet.

All in all it was a great three days. They were all incredibly nice. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I got paid to be entertained. Who wouldn't want that? And I got to see them prepare this sketch for their live show:

- The one job I didn't get was "Kids in the Hall Tour Manager." It was right there in front of me. As exciting as it sounded when I was asked what I was doing for the next two months, I had to pass. I don't know what I'm doing for the next two months. I'd like to know. It would be nice to have an idea of how much money I'll be bringing in all the while carving out time to write with Jami. But it's nearly impossible to plan around this amorphous lifestyle.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Only in LA - Echo Park edition

Driving down Sunset Blvd. in Echo Park I noticed an interesting store. The Echo Park Time Travel Mart.

And here I was thinking "Where am I going to pick up a refill on my Anti-Robot Fluid?"

I was driving right past a store that not only carries it, but also carries Barbarian Repellant...

...and an assortment of dead languages (in liquid form.)

I have slept more soundly knowing this store is right down the street in my neighborhood.

The only problem is that the Time-Freezy Hyper Slush machine appears to be out of order.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Losing may be winning after all

So Jami may be right. We may have still "won"...depending on your interpretation of the word.

We met with the peeps at Disney/ABC yesterday. They are amazing people. We came away feeling great about our burgeoning career. They gave us all kinds of career advice. They gave us contact names and numbers of agents and managers who they think are good matches for us. We can even use them as a reference. We actually get to say "Hello, the Vice President for Talent Development at Disney/ABC said to give you a call." They are my favorite people on the planet.

We are now set up well to secure representation which is step one in securing writing work. What a crazy business this is. I can't wait to find out what we don't know. Because we know we don't know plenty.

More to come....we're sure.

Here is a small glimpse inside the world of The Mouse. Yes. They have wi-fi.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Who says not winning is losing?

Brian and I finally got the call today from the wonderful executives at Disney ABC.  We didn't get the fellowship, but we were runners-up, which meant if one of the ten fellows didn't want the fellowship, they'd give it to us.  But of course, none of the fellows turned it down--who would?


Does that mean not winning is losing?  Hell NO!  They liked us so much that they want to help by setting us up with meetings.  As I'm sure most of you know, "meetings" is an interesting catch-all phrase here in Hollywood, which can involve agents, producers and the like.  To me, this is one kick-ass consolation prize.  The executives don't have to do this, but they want to. They obviously believe in our ability as a writing team, and I couldn't be happier.  


Now what?

Well, Brian and I kick it into high gear. Write our faces off and continue to network, while we attend these meetings. And let me tell ya, we're looking forward to those meetings.  We're looking forward to our next phase in LA.  

This is one crazy place.

Thanks for all your support.  We'll keep you posted....